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Fred Muya

Software Engineer - Nairobi, Kenya

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My toolset includes

I build applications using...

I use PHP to build web & backend applications.

I'm familiar with Laravel & Yii frameworks, and have used it to build Payment Gateways that are in use across East African, Latin American, and South-East Asian markets.

GoLang (Go)

I've been creating web & backend applications using Go for the past two years.

My focus has been on building financial lending platforms, and services that support it.


I have experience building production-ready applications using Scala, specifically using the Play Framework.

I've used it to build User Authentication systems and APIs for customer facing mobile wallets.


To bring all my applications together and production ready, I use Ansible to orchestrate automated deployments.

I have used Ansible to automate infrastructure in the cloud, on AWS & Linode platforms.

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